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Since 19/09/2006 I put on these pages challenges ; they are shapes to realize with the pieces of Polyspidrons. Most of them have area 144 ; those, which haven't area 144, are pointed (see Explanations).

If you find solution of one of the challenges, I offer to you a Tetrapentos or a Stelo ; this offer is valid as long as the solution is not put on the pages Solutions - Solvoj ; each entrant can get it only once ; more or less regularly, I add one or several challenge(s) ; the solved challenges are red-crossed out and their solves are put on the page Solutions - Solvoj.

If I find a solution of any challenge before someone else finds it, I wait one year from the day I've put the challenge on my pages before giving my solution (ex : the challenge 121 was put on 14/12/2007 ; now, Ive a solution ; but it is a challenge at least until the 14/12/2008).

I shall indicate by a code the challenges whose solution I found :


The challenges 020, 040, 060, 080, 100 and 120 are super-challenges ; if you find first the solution of these challenges, you can get the price of Polyspidrons by credit at Kadon Enterprises.

The challenges 040, 060 and 120 are dedicated to Maïlou.

You must send the solutions of the challenges to :  

To the challenges ...

    ,        ,      and so on ...

Look at the page Solutions for explanations about the codes.

For the challenges with area 145, I shall put  .

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