Exercises 2

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We can make with diamonds what we made previously with triangles ; we obtain :

     aire = area     

( diamond = losange in french )



The higher sizes jut out the tray ; we have to try them out of the tray :

L(7) with area 98 and L(8) with area 128 ... L(9) has area 162 ; we have to make hole with area 18, as the area of L(3) : we obtain LT(9/3) with area 144 which is the challenge 032.

We have also :



and, out of the tray, L(4r) with area 96 ; L(5r) has area 150 : with a hole with area 6, as L(r), we obtain LT(5r/r) with area 144 which is the challenge 018.

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